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Following Steps are important for Overseas Admission-

     1.)Career Guidance – After conducting Psychometric Test gets your Strength, Interest,

                                             Personality to choose right Career.

     2.)Planning Roadmap- By studying your academic and non-academic profile.

     3.)Alumni Interaction- One-on-one interaction with alumni on admission requirement                                                   and mentorship from similar college and career interests

     4.)Reflective Learning- Preparation for GD/PI rounds

     5.)CV Generation – A tailor made College ready CV mapping all your accomplishment                                              and activities completed by you which help you to find the dream                                                college.

     6.)College Admission Planning- Update with the course, country, college, preference                                                                       and map Entrance examination for them. Record                                                                             College Admission details – Colleges applied for and                                                                      current status. Update Application status and                                                                                   Scholarship status. Update offers received and the                                                                           college selected.

Profile Building Service for Abroad Education

Ideal time to start your Profile Building for Indian Students for Undergraduate Admission abroad is 8th Standard- Initiated by Psychometric Test and finalise your right Career path.

All the top rank Institutions in the world requires excellent profile. Building your profile takes time. We can help you with Profile Building Service with the following options.


  • After final Career Selection, shortlisting of College/ University is important.

  • Join required admission Test for Admission like- SAT, IELTS, GMAT, GRE etc.

  • Professional SOP (Statement of Purpose) 

  • Professional LOR (Letter of reference)

  • Essay Writing

  • Academic Transcripts

  • Supporting documents helpful in admission to increase weightage- 

       Conference and paper publishing with certificate,

       Journal publishing details,

       Volunteering / Social Work/ NGO certificate,

       Virtual Internship Details,

       Academic Honours- International Olympiads etc.

       Co-Curricular Activities- School Magazine Articles, Participation in Science Fairs,                               Hackathons etc.

       Extra-curricular Achievements – Music, Drama, Dance, Theatre etc.     

       Career Focused Courses- Design Courses, Software Certification – Microsoft etc.

       Summer Enrichment Programs- from Harvard, Yale, Oxford etc., National Student                             Leadership Conference, Aspire India Scholars Program, etc

  • Filling of Application of shortlisted college / university.

  • Submit all documents with university.

  • Interview Preparation, Mock interview

  • Scholarship and Post Admission Assistance

Various Tests required for aboard education-

The most common entrance exams needed for admission into different programs around the world is as follows-

Some of tests needed for the admission in USA-

Tests Duration
Ideal Time for Test
Reading, Writing, Maths
2 Hrs & 45 min
Grade 8th to 10th
SAT Test
Reading, Writing, Maths
3 Hrs 
Grade 11th & 12th
ACT Test
English, Maths, Reading & Science
3 Hrs 
Grade 11th & 12th
ACT Test
Biological, Biochemical, Chemical, Physical, Psychological, Social, Biological Behavior, Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills
7 Hrs & 30 min
Post Pre-med

Some of tests needed for the admission in UK-

Entrance For
Tests Duration
Ideal Time for Test
Law with Law Studies
135 min
Beginning of Grade 12
Medical, Dental, Biomedical, & Veterinary
120 min
Grade 11th & 12th
TSA Test
Pre-interview test for applicants to undergraduate courses at Oxbridge and UCL
120 min 
Grade 11th & 12th

Recognized English Language Tests 

Countries Accepting
Tests Duration
Ideal Time for Test
UK, USA, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South Asia
2 Hrs & 45 min
Beginning of Grade 12th
UK, USA, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South Asia
3 Hrs 
Beginning of Grade 12th
( Pearson Test of English Academic )
UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South Asia
2 Hrs & 15 min
Beginning of Grade 12th
Duolingo Test
UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South Asia
1 Hrs
Beginning of Grade 12th

Important Steps to improve your Profile for Overseas Admission

Take part in the summer program, attend workshop or  do the internship with a global or national brand,  any local institute or any other such activities 

To get highest accolade in non academic activities, take part in International, National level
competitions of Sports, Dance, Music etc.

To get academics related accolades, take part in International, National level competitions of Olympiads, Debates, Quizzes etc.

Do a subject specific Online or Offline courses and Certification from top institutes

Actively contribute or volunteered to social causes like Community services, NGO etc.

Take part in Global, National or School level events to prove your leadership skills

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