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  Advanced Digital Psychometric Assessment       (Built on AI-ML) + Counselling= Rs.2796/-X
Hurry Up (Limited Time Offer) only Rs.999/-

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Psychometric Test
Program Features

 18 Pages "Psychometric Assessment Report" contains

  • Multiple Intelligence Personality Type.

  • Learning Style Roll.

  • Tasks Career Score Card

  • Summarised Career Selection Report

Memory Enhancement 

(Frequencies with Affirmations)
  • Mnemonics -Technique to recall memory

  • Music Therapy for "Smart Mind Programming"

  • Self Confidence 

  • Improve Mind Concentration Power

Study Skill Technique
(Webinars/Recorded Video)
  • Speed Reading Technique

  • Remove Negative Emotions and Fear

  • Mind Mapping Technique

  • Goal Setting Ideas

  • Remove Success Blocker

Career Counselling helps to identify Right Career for Your Child's Bright Future

Career Counselling helps to identify Right Career for Your Child's Bright Future

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Psychometric Assessment + Personalise Counselling
Special Discount Price
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Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ}


1.  What is the minimum age for " Smart Child Development Program"? 

   - Minimum Age is 12 years or above Grade 8.

2.  What after I Book above Program?

   - These programs are totally On-Line Assessment, after Online Booking you will get-

  • You will get a Welcome mail within 24 Hours along with Psychometric Questionnaire.

  • Ask your child to solve the Psychometric Questionnaire and send back to us.

  • After sending solved questionnaire, you will get the following Reports within Next Seven working days.

  • 18 Pages Psychometric Assessment Report  contains Multiple Intelligence and Learning Style of Child

  • Based on R.I.A.S.E.C. Theory personality type of Child

  • Career Suggestions  with Score Card Report

  • Multiple Intelligences Career Chart

  • Summery Report of whole Psychometric Assessment  

3.  How I will get Memory Enhancement Program and Study Skill Technique?

   - You will get link in your mail from where you can access Recorded Videos, PPTs, Audio Music Frequencies

     and Instruction Manual which guide you how to use this materials  

4.  Do you offer any refund or cancellation?

   - As this is a digital delivery program, we can’t offer any refunds.

5.  If I want to take DMIT and Mid-Brain Activation Program?

   - The DMIT & Mid-Brain Activation are personalized one to one program, so take above program, you need

     to visit our Local Centre of your City with prior appointment.

     For details you can contact us-

About Us

Mind Path Detox Research and Development is a young organisation, started by a group of enthusiastic educationists with cumulative experience of over 40 years in various fields and having more than 10 Internationally Recognised Certification in Career Counselling  


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